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Siem Reap, Cambodia

We got the overnight bus from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap in Cambodia. We had a bus driver who was helpful in dealing with our passports and visas for the boarder. It was such a smooth transition. We got off the bus, walked through, stamped our passports and got back on the bus.

It was such a long assed journey, which included random stops in the middle of the night for toilet breaks as the loo was broken on the bus. We got a rubbish night sleep, we were squished together in a small bunk underneath another and the toilet stank. At least we knew each other and were comfortable enough to be that close lol. You wouldn't want to be that close to a stranger, that's for sure.

The bus stopped at a random place where we didn't know where we were. We were all told to get off and we had to wonder around with our heavy backpacks to find out where to go next. We got on a tuk tuk who took us to the main road up from our hostel. There we were met by another tuk tuk driver who yelled "Funky Flash Packer". We hitched a ride with the hostel transfer guy, backpacks and all in the rain up to our hostel. It was pouring down at this stage but the hostel was well covered from the rain.

Funky Flash Packer was exactly that! They had lush clean / comfy beds, hair dryers, swimming pool, bars on each level, great food, pool table and more! It was the best hostel I stayed in, without a doubt. There was swinging chair beds, mirrors, art on the walls and bum guns lol.


We met so many other lovely, like-minded backpackers there from all over the world. We played water volleyball and everyone joined in just having a laugh. Funky Flash Packers was where I first met Jacky!

That night we all drunk at the bar, played drinking games and Never Have I Ever until it was late enough to go into town. The main strip was fantastic, we got a bit lost on the way but we found it in the end. There was loads of bars, clubs, dancing on the tables, it was like Bangla Road in Phuket.
It wasn't as seedy as Phuket but they had a great but expensive Swedish bar. I pretended I couldn't speak English very well to avoid the creepos.

On the way back there was dancing in the street. Locals raving from this speaker in the road and everyone just joined in. It was a mental spontaneous street party at like 3am. They are the best ones! Cambodian children who should definitely be in bed shaking their stuff and wanting money off the tourists, poor loves. I would ask them to go home and see their mum's as they would be worried whenever they came up to me.

The next day we booked a tour to see all of the temples of Ankor Wat. There was not enough hours in one day to explore all of the temples for enough time. They were so unique, the temple with all the faces, the one with the crazy tree roots, and of course, Ankor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world!! There we took heaps of photos, met some monks, I got blessed by one and bought some bracelets off of him. I was desperate to spend more time there but as the sun was starting to set they asked everyone to leave.


At Ankor Wat there were also monkeys tearing round, stealing out the bins!


Me and Crystal hopped back into the Tuk Tuk with our tour guide / driver that we paid to drive us round for the day and took us back to our wonderful hostel.

I really wanted to go on another tour to the floating village but as they hadn't had enough rain this year the village was dry so we didn't go.
We booked the bus for the following day to the seafood capital of Kampot.

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