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Koh Phi Phi


sunny 29 °C

Koh Phi Phi, the island from your dreams and has of course the famous Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed. It was by far my favourite place I had visited!


There were also some fierce looking tigers on the beach that you have to watch out for.


Our beach hut was only a short 10 minute walk from Tonsai Pier. We had our own little room with a bathroom, some decking with two chairs surrounded by about 10 other huts filled with backpackers. We quickly became friends with a group of like-minded guys who wanted to go on a boat trip to see The Beach, do some snorkelling and see Monkey Island. We agreed to go for breaky on the beach the next day before our tour that we booked the day previous. It was a strange morning as I had received bad news that my sister was very unwell in hospital and I was the first person to find out in the family so I had to contact my other family members at stupid o'clock their time to be the bearer of bad news. I was informed that she became more stable so I went from feeling shocked and distraught, to relieved but still anxious and helpless being so far away. It was like a nagging guilt in the back of my head. I was on the most beautiful island but feeling like I couldn't fully enjoy it in all its beauty because of my anxiety and guilt for enjoying myself when my sister is under section.

I spoke to my mum later on that morning, just before the trip and she reassured me that she was ok so I went on the tour. The man driving the longboat looked baked out of his head. Turns out he had a self-created bamboo bong that he whipped out when we stopped at Maya Bay. The beach was pretty but small and crowded with tourists and boats. It looked smaller than the movie and was a bit of a let down after all the hype, but I'm glad we went to see it. We ventured out into a beautiful bay where some other boats were for a spot of swimming and snorkelling.


Crystal wasn't sure if she was going to swim this time so she stayed on the boat in her life jacket and I went off for a snorkel. I popped my head up from all the fish and saw Crystal had got in the sea. I swam toward her when she started shouting. I was about 5 meters away from her and she had been swept into a boat and was struggling to get away from it. I swam to her quickly and there was a loud noise, they started the boat! I pushed off it with my feet and pushed Crystal with all my might away from the boat but it wasn't far enough. The propeller was on and she screamed! "MY FOOOT". She was still kicking so I hoped she was still in-tact. The driver of the boat heard the scream and shouted "sorry!" before speeding off, not giving a damn or checking if she was ok.

I called back to the group for help. They hadn't seen or heard what had happened so they thought we were being lazy and just wanted them to give us a lift. Until I yelled "HELPPP! Crystal's Hurt! So the guys jumped in to help me swim Crystal to the boat in her life jacket.
When we got out, the bleeding started pouring from her heel. I whipped a sanitary towel out my bag (first sterile thing I could think of) and stuck it under her heel. There was quite a gash where the propeller had caught her. She was lucky she hadn't lost her foot!
Maybe I did get to her just in time.. what a day and what a drama.

Everyone was super supportive and the poor love had to hobble back to the apartment after getting some plasters from the chemist after the traumatic trip. My emotions were all over the shop but we were both grateful that it wasn't worse.
That night there was a pool party that she wanted to go to.. she was in a lot of pain and tried to hobble there. I said to her that she should get it looked at by a doctor and this kind of thing is what insurance is for, so we went to the hospital.
The doctor and nurses had a look at their 'A&E' (curtain room) and they told her she needed stitches. I held her hand while they injected her foot and 10 stitches later, she was allowed to go. No pool party for us lol.


The walking wounded with the sliced foot and me with my broken toes hobbled to see more of the island the next day. We found some fantastic bars, live music, kick boxing, a look out we couldn't get to because of our poor feet and watched the sunset from some sun loungers by the sea. We had dinner overlooking the sea before having an early night before moving on again tomorrow.

Why not? lol.

The next day the porter helped wheel our luggage (and Crystal) back to the pier.


I was now carrying 2 backpacks, Crystal's on my front and mine on my back.
At least the weather was nice!

On to Phuket!

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