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Koh Phangang

The best laid plans in Thailand...

When Crystal and I booked our trip to Thailand Crystal was super organised and booked us a Tree House to stay in for the Full Moon Party. It was the done thing and a lot of places had sold out as it's so popular and only happens on full moons!

We got a taxi from the docks to our tree house and the driver dropped us off at the bottom of this jungle. He said "hill too big for car, you must walk".


So we did, for about an hour with our heavy backpacks up the steep hill. It was beautiful and exciting with all of the wildlife and exotic birds flying above us.. We picked up the pace a bit when it started to get dark but the end was in site, we could see the house at the top of the hill.

We made it! Put our bags down and got drinks from the lovely couple who owned the place. They had a lovely little dog who was super friendly too, he kept trying to lick our faces after just tonguing his balls - Niiice. When we went to check in, the lady looked at her list and we weren't on it and they didn't have any spare beds as they were fully booked. Crystal was adamant she booked it through a travel company and showed them the receipt to which the lady said "ahh, that place no longer here, build illegally up here, now knocked down".

Exhausted, tired and anxious about being stranded up the hill in the dark with no where to stay, I just laughed. There was nothing else I could do at that time, poor Crystal was close to tears. I got on the phone to the company and told them that everywhere was fully booked, that this was their fault and they need to find us somewhere. Gratefully, they did! They paid for us to get a taxi halfway down the hill to a remote bungalow on what was almost a private beach. It was beautiful with a hammock outside and was so peaceful. We were so chuffed with how it worked out and they even paid the difference in cost (obviously being more expensive than some dodgy tree house).


We tried to find the Full Moon pre jungle party that was apparently meant to be better than the actual thing. We'd got good at haggling - or so we thought. All of the tuk tuks were scarce and the locals were ripping us off royal left right and centre because we were far away from where we needed to be. Crystal got into a bit of an argument with one of the drivers and it was like we were blacklisted. No one would let us in their taxis or tuktuks anywhere, they had called each other and one guy on a scooter kept driving passed us trying to intimidate us. Was an awful night. We got some booze and went home after, it wasn't worth the hassle. - Tomorrow will be a better night and a lesson learned.

Crystal was done with mosquito bites at this point lol!

The next day we had a lovely breakfast on Malibu Beach and went for a paddle and a sunbathe. Crystal had a nap and I read my book in the hammock, it was such a wonderful little cottage. We were taking it easy before the full moon party that night.


We took a bus toward the beach where the party was. We found a great lively hostel who was serving free pizza. We snuck in, made friends with people at the hostel and went to the Full Moon Party with them. It was neon-filled, crazy night!


The beach was lined with bars blaring great rave music, interesting dancing, fishbowls, buckets, fire shows, fire skipping and competitions. It was pure carnage but a good experience. There were a lot of 18 year olds.. lol


I got drunk on the buckets we drank, ended up losing Crystal and getting on a boat to some random island with our new hostel friends, back to the rave and found her again at like 5am. She was still with some of the hostel people and was hyped to see me. It was then I realised someone had pick pocketed me!! Annnd I lost my shoes. I was devastated.

My bank card, driving licence, money, costa card, shoes, everything gone. Luckily I had my phone in my hand. What a kick in the teeth.
I was very upset but everyone was really supportive. And I had other shoes I could wear back at the cottage.
I felt so stupid, I could remember a group of locals dancing around me and they banged my bag..

What a prized muppet, why had I taken all of that stuff out with me! I should have only taken cash and phone in a bum-bag. Another lesson learned the hard way.

Although I enjoyed the actual Full Moon Party, or what I can remember of it (wind in my hair on a long boat) it was a bit overrated. I was ready to move on to the next place.

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